1. Alpha version of WhatFrog app is currently on the works and will be available on iTunes in the near future.

  2. New logo defined for the project.

  3. Badges and “gamefication” of the app currently being developed.


Frogs and toads are excellent indicators of habitat quality, not just of their spawning sites, but also of adjacent uplands. These creatures are experiencing an unprecedented collapse in populations due to habitat loss, pollution, and novel diseases. As the faltering of amphibian populations may presage wider ecological problems, it is important to document where species are most affected. In the proposed research, an application (app) will be developed for smart phones and other mobile devices that will use cutting edge voice-recognition software to identify frogs and toads. Currently the average age for volunteers conducting anuran surveys is about 50. By using modern social media and portable device technology the goal of this proposal is to engage a younger audience. The affordability of the system will make it appropriate for classroom use, and it has the potential to spur studies in ecology, physics, geography, and math, as the students consider the data, sonograms, and maps that the software will produce. Through active dissemination we believe this app could quickly be adopted by thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of users, many of whom would be new contributors to citizen science.


Project Importance